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Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy, Safeguarding

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to look at our small print, we look forward to having an enjoyable and productive experience with you. Below are just a few rules to make sure we can deliver you and our coaches top quality service. 


In accepting these terms, you confirm to us that you have parental responsibility for Your Child.


Service Provision

We agree to provide you with 1-2-1 video music coaching of your child in-between their existing lessons and during holidays. 

Whilst we will try to make your preferred coach available to you, we cannot guarantee one consistent coach will be available for you, and there may be times when substitutes or permanent changes will be made.


We undertake that our coaches will behave in a responsible manner, as if they were coaching 1-2-1 in your own home. We also expect You and Your Child to behave in a responsible manner towards your coach.


If things go wrong…

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your coach, please let us know straight away, and we will work to rectify the situation or change coaches. If the coach’s internet connection or device proves troublesome, then we will reimburse you for the session by providing a subsequent session free of charge. If your internet connection or device proves troublesome during a session, then nSpireMe Ltd is not obliged to provide replacement coaching time. 


Communication – and coaching outside of nSpireMe

Safeguarding and trust are vital to our brand. Therefore, all coaching sessions and communications with coaches must take place either through the dedicated Skype channel we supply to you or through our customer team. That provides maximal safeguarding standards that protect all parties. If you communicate outside of our dedicated Skype channels, then we will terminate your contract. If a coach requests to make contact outside of our dedicated Skype channel, then you must report them to us without delay.


Free Trial

If you have been enrolled in our Free Trial programme, we will provide you with two free coaching sessions, after which there is no obligation to purchase any future sessions. 


Payments & Cancellation

Our policies are designed to ensure fairness for all parties! If you choose to purchase coaching sessions from us, the following describes how the system works.

Payment is by pre-payment packages, the details of which will be offered to you at the time of purchase. Sessions are booked direct through us, or our online calendars, and redeemed against your pre-payment account. Sessions must be taken up within 1 year of payment (for packages of fewer than 100 sessions), or 2 years (for packages of 100 or more sessions).


If you cancel or want to change a coaching session: Once a coaching session has been booked, you can cancel or change it up to 48 hours in advance without charge. Any less notice than that and the session will be charged in full.


If we have to cancel, change the time or change the allotted coach: we will make our best endeavours to give you at least 48 hours’ notice. If it’s any less notice than that, then the replacement session will be given to you free of charge.


If you are late for a coaching session: then no refund for missed time will be made. Please respect the professionality of coaches by not asking them to extend the session beyond its original end time.


If you want to cancel your advance purchase of sessions: you have a 14-day “cooling off” period. If you cancel within 14 days, then we’ll refund you what you paid, minus any sessions that have already been taken. 


Safeguarding & Data

Our data policies are designed to keep You/Your Child safe – and provide you with the best possible service. We take a common-sense approach to child safeguarding, whereby we don’t just rely upon legal compliance to provide safe online services. Key to our service’s safety is that all coaching sessions are recorded and available for viewing after the session by all parties: You, the Coach and Us.

The data we collect about You and Your Child includes

• Contact and personal information

• The video streaming of your online coaching sessions

• The coaching session message history between you and the coach; 

• Coaches’ notes on the sessions


Purpose of holding the data

• To provide you with a good level of service. We review coaching sessions from time to time and give feedback to coaches to enable them to improve their skills.

• To provide child safeguarding through the video recordings being made available to parents and Us immediately after each session has finished.

• To allow us to improve our service and develop new services. 

• To communicate with you to help optimise your experience and inform you about new options and services.


Length of time we hold your data

We keep your personal data for as long as you are a customer of ours, plus a period of up to 10 years. However, you have the right to ask us to delete this information once you cease to be a customer of ours.


Parties with whom we share your data

Data is kept on our worldwide servers and shared with 3rd parties in order to fulfill business operations including customer management, finance, marketing, product development and compliance. We also share some of your data with the coach assigned to you: your name and contact details, name of your child and their musical context relevant to the coaching session. We encourage coaches to improve their own skills by reviewing their own sessions too, and so the videos are also available for them to view. 

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