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Why teachers recommend Practissimo​ to their students!


How do you benefit from your students using Practissimo?

Practissimo’s coaching is designed to complement your weekly teaching sessions. Imagine each of your lessons starting with students proudly telling you (truthfully!) about how much practice they’d done this week and how much they’d loved it. Imagine that your work had been cemented, and progress was demonstrable. That’s where Practissimo comes in.

Our dedicated coaches are there to coach your students on how to practise better in-between your lessons. They’re not a replacement for you, just an added rung on the ladder to mastering their musical abilities. Making their practice sessions fun, creative and effective makes it easier for you to teach. 


Our practice sessions are typically structured and designed to be used once each week, but frequency can be increased (or decreased) depending on the need of each individual student. 


What our coaches do

  • Help to improve the structure of your student’s practice sessions. This is done via the parent uploading any practice notes from you for that week and a copy of the music.

  • Help to improve you student’s accuracy and providing fun top tips on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their practice sessions.

  • Ensure that each session ends on positive note to keep their enthusiasm and confidence high.


What our coaches don’t do

  • Teach technique

  • Introduce conflicting ideas to your own

  • Mention any concerns they might have to the student or the parent

Sightreading, aural and musicianship taking up valuable lesson time? 

Our talented and fully-vetted coaches give you more time to work on the finer points of musical learning with your student by outsourcing time-consuming activities such as sightreading, aural and musicianship skills to the coach, if desired.


Practissimo helps you by helping both the child and the parents. They not only see their child consistently enjoying music-making, but also benefit from a stress-free environment for them and their children. Improving the atmosphere and attitude towards practice at home helps to further cement the value of their investment in your teaching. Our coaching sessions are there to foster progress and make your teaching time all more productive and rewarding


Our coaches are friendly, professional conservatoire-standard individuals, and they’d love to hear from you. If you find a coach that works particularly well for your students, don’t be afraid to reach out. We’d love for our teachers and coaches to build relationships, as it helps improve the student’s learning even more, so we’d be happy to connect you to give students that extra boost. 

Practicing Violin
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