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  • Stuart Barr

Your child's instrument case: It's Personal!

The primary function of your child’s instrument case is to of course protect their instrument, but it can also be a great way to reflect your child’s personality - or get them more excited about playing!

Having a different case can also help you and your child find it more easily, especially at orchestra when there are lots of other cases around!

There are already plenty of funky cases on the market, but these aren’t always the most affordable, or unique - so why not use an afternoon this weekend to customise your child’s instrument case with them?

A fantastic way to decorate an instrument case without making any permanent changes are to attach little accessories to it:

  • Perhaps your child has a favourite key ring (possibly music related) that they can attach to the top of their case?

  • Ribbons are also an easy way to add character, either by tying a bow on one of the straps, wrapping a long ribbon around the entire handle or rucksack strap to change its colour. As your son or daughter's favourite colour changes, you can swap out different ribbons!

  • Badges are also an awesome temporary addition to an instrument case. They might be music-related, but anything that your child likes would be appropriate. They may even have some badges given by their teacher for specific music achievements - perfect for the front of their case!

If you don’t mind your child making permanent changes to their case, a few of the following might be fun for them to decorate with:

  • Stickers of any type can really help your child showcase their other hobbies and interests

  • For children who are obsessed with all things shiny and glittery, adhesive rhinestones can be good fun too. Your son or daughter could use them to spell out their name, or even add music symbols to their case. You can find these at your local craft store!

  • Using different coloured duct tape to make patterns and shapes will certainly make your child’s case stand out in the crowd

  • Permanent markers on lighter coloured cases can also show up well, and really do give your child full freedom to create whatever they’d like on their case.

Top Tips:

  • When decorating your child’s case, remember to remove the instrument first and place it somewhere safe - just to keep it away from any glue or paint!

  • Only permanently alter the case if you actually own it. However wonderful your child’s design is, music shops will not be happy if you return a rental instrument to them in a wildly different condition to how it left!

  • Even if you own the instrument, seriously consider whether you think you may sell it once your child needs a new one - will your child’s new design make it difficult to sell to a new user?

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