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  • Stuart Barr

Top Tips For Taking Your Child to a Pop Concert

We've previously posted a blog about taking your child to a classical music concert. Here at Practissimo, we understand that it’s important to expose children to all sorts of music, so we’ve provided a range of tips for pop concerts too...

  • Choose the artist wisely. If you wouldn’t play an album to your child at home, perhaps due to the nature of the lyrics, or particular words, don’t take them to see a live performance of it!

  • If one of your favourite bands are playing, and you’ve always wanted to see them, maybe make it your night and go with some friends instead. Experiencing concerts and gigs with your child is wonderful, but to save the potential stress and worry, perhaps leave the kids at home for this one!

  • Make sure you take earplugs or headphones to protect your little ones ears - and some for you too! This article by The Strategist recommends a range of headphones for kids.

  • Make sure your child is well rested before you go - the majority of pop concerts may start after your little one’s bedtime, so try to encourage some rest in the afternoon, and perhaps miss the support act so their night isn’t as long. Some venues are quite strict with food, so either fill your child up beforehand, or take some snacks in with you - this will also save on the expensive snacks sold inside the venue!

  • Sneaky tip here, but many venues sell drinks without the caps, as they can be used by people to throw at the stage, and other concert-goers. For a parents with little ones to look after, carrying multiple lid-less bottles can be a right pain, so take a little stash in your pocket from home with you! (but we didn’t tell you that, and don’t you start throwing bottle either!!)

  • Try to leave a couple of songs before the end of the concert, in order to miss the mad rush when everyone tries to get out all at once!

  • If you can book seated tickets, you’re less likely to have your son or daughter complaining about not being able to see, and you’re less likely to end up doing piggy-back the whole evening too!

We appreciate that classical and pop concerts are only a couple of the wide range of live music you can take your child to, so we’ve compiled a quick list below of other ways you can introduce your child to live performances!

  • Outdoor concerts - usually in the summer, these are an amazing day out for the whole family. You can choose where to sit, and even take a picnic with you!

  • Festivals - with so many different acts to choose from, you can really make what you want out of a music festival. Some even have special activities for younger children, why not check out Camp Bestival?

  • Concerts in museums, bookstores and libraries - check out your local libraries events schedule, and you may be surprised to find that libraries aren’t silent 100% of the time!

  • Universities - to save spending lots of money on expensive concert tickets, why no enquire with your local University or Music College? Students often put on shorter recitals, at a very reasonable price too!

  • Orchestral Music Discounts - many orchestras offer discounted tickets for minors, so definitely look into this if there is a local orchestra in your area!

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