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  • Stuart Barr

7 ways to throw a party fit for your young musician!

So your budding young musician has a birthday coming up soon? Perhaps you’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate their love for their instrument, or maybe re-kindle their enthusiasm for music? Here are some birthday ideas to give them the musically-themed birthday of their dreams!

1. Birthday Party Invitations:

  • Cut out large music notes from black card, and use white ink to write out information on when, where and what time the celebrations will be

  • Use old sheet music to make your own cards, with the same details as above inside

  • Create invitations that look like concert tickets, with all of the information displayed in the same format, as if your child’s birthday party is their own private recital!

2. Fancy Dress Ideas:

  • Musicians (of all styles)

  • Composers

  • Musical Instruments

  • Different musical notes or signs (these could be assigned to different children on their invitations - with a prize for the best visual representation!)

3. Food:

  • Create piano sandwiches using white and brown bread with various fillings, and arrange them in alternating brown and white rectangles to resemble piano keys (white and brown kit-kats for a sweet treat, also work really well for this!)

  • Make cookies using a musical note shaped cookie cutter, or use a knife to freehand them!

4. Games and Activities:

  • Make Your Own Instrument - save up a collection of old containers, plastic bottles and toilet roll tubes then place them on a table with elastic bands, sting, rice and anything else that takes your fancy. Give your child and their friends 30 minutes to create their own instrument to perform to one another once their time is up. This could be an individual activity, or you could organise your guests into teams!

  • Pass the Parcel - create a fun playlist and fill each layer of wrapping with some of the gifts shared in the party bag section below!

  • Face Painting - get some black and white face paint, then offer to decorate each child’s face with a selection of musical notes!

5. Decorations:

  • Use old sheet music to make musical bunting and paper chains - something that you could do with your child in the run-up to the party!

6. Party Bag Items:

  • Let your guests go home with a musical memory which will keep them entertained for hours, and maybe drive their parents a little crazy, like a kazoo or whistle!

  • Pop in some musical-themed stationary, such as pencils, rubbers and notebooks, that they can use for their own music lessons!

  • If your child’s friends play instruments, why don’t you add a personal touch by popping in a key ring with their own musical instrument on it?

7. Gifts for the Birthday Musician:

  • Get your budding young musician some new sheet music to get them inspired about practicing - the theme to a new television show they’re loving, a pop song they’ve heard on the radio, or perhaps an amazing piece they’ve heard their teacher play?

  • A beautiful gift to last them a lifetime, and even convince the most reluctant of time-keepers - a traditional metronome!

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